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Last updated June 27th, 2023

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Guests can be heard in the evenings excitedly telling stories of cruising by the ice edge or casting into the edge and seeing hundreds of Char or Lake Trout staring out at them. This can be a common sight especially in July just after break up. Most of our Char and Lake Trout fishing is by sight in the crystal clear arctic waters. Our guests have commented on how surprised they were on the quality of our lake trout fishing. These tough fighters will give your fishing gear and arms a wonderful workout. Arctic Char or Laker sportfishing on Victoria Island is an experience that can only be enjoyed by the intrepid fishermen who join us each year.

Jim Mayerly Char

Canada's premier "Catch & Release" Arctic Char & Lake Trout Fishing

The growth rate of arctic char and lake trout is extremely slow in the frigid waters of the Arctic. For over 38 years High Arctic Lodge has been one of the pioneers in the practice of catch & release. Our guides are trained and instructed to release if at all possible all fish caught. Lake Trout on Victoria Island usually spawn in early August and the Arctic Char spawn in late September early October once the ice has formed on the lakes.

Fishing Tackle

The most common tackle for both the arctic char and the lake trout has been the 3/4 and 7/8 ounce Blue Fox Pixees, #4 & #5 Blue fox Vibrax spinners, either with orange or pink centers. Recently the new holographic patterns have been very successful Another very good lure is the Eppinger fluorescent orange potato bug(Fluorescent orange spoon with black spots). Flyfishermen have been successful with hot pink streamers, Mickie fins, Leaches in assorted bright colors and other streamers. This past season many of our guests found that the white and pink Blue Fox Foxee Jigs worked very well on some of the lakes for both Char and Lake Trout. Medium action spinning rods and reels with line ranging from 10 to 20 pounds are the best bet. Contact us at fred@higharctic.com for a more detailed list of lures. We have a very good supply of all the most popular lures in our gift shop at the lodge.

Whether you are an avid fly-fisherman or a spincasting angler, this is an experience that you will remember forever.


We are currently closed and may be opening in the 2024 season. Don't be disappointed, call or email us for information, BOOK NOW! Take advantage of our 2024 weekly packages from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. If you wish we can make airline and hotel reservations for you using the special rates we receive each year.

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Remember to MAKE RESERVATIONS EARLY to avoid disappointment.

Call us for available space. We are now booking for 2024. Weekly packages will be starting at US $6295.00 per person plus 5% tax. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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