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Last Updated June 27th, 2023
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Woody fly fishing

Fly fishing has become more and more popular in the arctic. The arctic char has proven to be an exciting fish to catch on a fly. We have found that Silver with red or chartreuse streamers as well as hot pink colors are the best flies for arctic char. Some of our rivers and streams are the best you can possibly get for fly fishing and hold many of the current line class records. You will have many opportunities to try your luck at catching the hard fighting Arctic Char. Imagine the thrill of having a big red Char take your line out to the end of your backing, not just once but two or three times. Each week we try to arrange for the opportunity for you, our guest to fly-fish a different lake, stream or river each day. Some days you will have fished three or four different hotspots. Our pilots are very good at following the Arctic Char as they move from area to area as the season progresses and will make sure you are always in the best possible spot.

Mark's Big Char

Fishing Tackle

Over the past few years we have found that the most popular fly rods have been 7 to 10 weight. Floating or shooting tip lines with mono leaders adjusted to length depending on the depth of the fish. Usually Char are found in shallow water or streams and rivers. Depth ranges from 5 inches to 6 or 7 feet. Lake Trout are found in only inches of water early in our season and move into deeper water(20 to 30 feet) in August after spawning. Some of our hardened flyfishermen bring two handed rods or Spey rods as well to compensate for the windier days.

Fairly large hooks can be used for both Arctic Char and Lake Trout with a variety of streamer patterns being successful. Bright colors mainly reds and yellows or chartreuse work the best, but silvers, blues and whites or silver holographic patterns are also popular. When the Char are feeding on the surface black gnats, woolly buggers and mosquito like flies are the answer. Remember that most of your fishing on our lakes and rivers is sight fishing setting the scene for some very exciting hook-ups.

Char on a fly

Canada's premier "Catch & Release" Arctic Char & Lake Trout Fly-Fishing Adventure.

The growth rate of arctic char and lake trout is extremely slow in the frigid waters of the Arctic. For over 30 years High Arctic Lodge has been one of the pioneers in the practice of catch & release. Our guides are trained and instructed to release if at all possible all fish caught. Lake Trout on Victoria Island usually spawn in early August and the Arctic Char spawn in late September early October once the ice has formed on the lakes.

Whether you are an avid fly-fisherman or a spincasting angler, this is an experience that you will remember forever.

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Remember to MAKE RESERVATIONS EARLY to avoid disappointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon. You can email us at: dave.hindson@higharcticlodge.ca

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