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Last updated June 27th, 2023

Enjoy the wonders of Canada's barren lands. Each day you embark on a new adventure. Tour the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. See husky dogs, sleds, fish drying on racks and visit with the inuit to get a feel fortheir culture and present day way of life. We can arrange a trip to Mount Pelly Park, which is one of the highest landmarks in the southern part of Victoria Island. We can take you to the famous NorthWest Passage monument. Check out the remains of the Arctic Explorer Ronald Amundson's boat the Maude which is sunk in the harbor at Cambridge Bay. Visit ancient Inuit ruins. See tent rings and food caches thousands of years old. Explore caribou drive lanes used centuries ago to herd caribou to hunting areas. Fly over the arctic ocean to view majestic ice flows calving off the polar ice cap. You have the chance of spotting polar bear and seals in their natural habitat. Flocks of eiders and King eiders can be seen at many of the sites during your visit. Many of the small lakes and ponds have a pair of nesting Tundra Swans. Sandhill Cranes can be found in the same areas. Brant geese and Canada geese abound. Ptarmigan, snowy owls, rough legged hawks, the rare yellow-billed loon, assorted sparrows and shore birds are plentiful. The tundra comes alive with small flowers and plants during our shortseason. The arctic tundra is a hiker friendly place in the summer. You can hike and photograph Muskox and Caribou right from the main lodge. We can take you to one of our outpost camps for a night where sometimes Arctic Wolves come within photo distance. Ride in one of our boats beside swimming Caribou as they cross the lakes and rivers. Book now for an adventure of a lifetime. Our season is short and accommodation is limited. We only have 8 persons per week so you are ensured of personal service. Our best naturalist season is in Mid July . Contact us for availability of dates or for more information on our naturalist packages. Check out our photo pages for more pictures of our flora, fauna and scenery.



Our 2018 season is entirely full. If you have a group that would like to experience the arctic in 2019 please send us an email fred@higharctic.com

Price for a seven day adventure is $6195.00 line To view any of these pictures, click on them for a full size view.

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