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Updated June 26th, 2023

Muskox Bull Protecting herd

Unspoiled Muskox hunting in Canada's North. Enjoy the comforts of our modern lodge and facilities while hunting for one of the worlds most exotic animals, the prehistoric Muskox. The Inuit call the muskox, "umingmak" which roughly translated means "skin like a beard". This is an able description of this shaggy beast which is a throw-back to the ice age. The muskox is a perfect example of arctic adaptation. To help the muskox move over the soft spongy tundra in the summer it has large saucer sized hooves. On the frozen tundra they also serve as digging tools to expose lichens and small sedges covered by the winter snow. Our muskox hunt is truly a unique opportunity for the intrepid hunter. It makes an exotic trophy, and is a delicious gourmet delight. Victoria Island has one of highest concentrations of Muskox in the world. We have a 100 % success rate on our Muskox hunts. We have a limited number of tags for Arctic Island Caribou to make for an excellent combination hunt. Availability is on a first come first serve basis.

We run our Muskox hunts after the 15th of August just as the hunting season opens. You will be able to enjoy your hunt from the comforts of our full service lodge. Temperatures average around 32 to 50 degrees. Our hunts are conducted mainly by boat with only a limited amount of walking or hiking required for the final stalk. After your hunt enjoy the company of the other hunters in our full service lodge and swap stories and adventures.


Due to a drastic decrease in the Muskox and Caribou population High Arctic Lodge has unfortunately suspended it's hunts for the next few years. If the popuation increases and we can once again assure our customers of a quality hunt we will resume booking for hunts. If you want more information on the situation with the muskox please email me.

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Muskox Herd Lone Caribou Ptarmigan

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